Sunday, May 29, 2011

Work With Passion and Earn From It

Ask and you shall receive………..
Mathew 7:7

          There are some people who have very few talents.  I think I am one of them.

          I don’t know how to cook, how to fix  computer programs, how to compute my taxes.  I sing like a tortured cat and dance like a zombie. Occasionally though, I can fix a leaking faucet or do simple carpentry. 

          I am not also good in telling jokes. Believe it or not, I memorize jokes and ask my wife, “Ma, do you want to hear a joke?”“No, I don’t!” she’d say, covering her ear and walking away. But I’d run after her, telling my joke anyway. Talk about a tough audience, huh. Tsk. Tsk.

          Sometimes, she would complain. “Dad, you said that joke 5 times already!”  I’d answer back “Of course not, only 4 times”.

          However, I believe there’s one thing I can do very well: I can diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems or injuries, perform orthopedic surgery, with the help of my colleagues, if necessary.

          This is one thing I enjoy doing and would like my career to focus on.

          Whenever I come home at night, my wife would know if I did surgery or not. “You look happy. Naka-opera ka, no?” (You did operate today, right?)  

           Doing orthopedic surgery is where I get happiness and thrill. When I do it, I feel my adrenaline rushes.  Not only that, it’s probably the only thing I do that can make me have impact on others. If I do that, I can help people have more mobility and have more quality of life. I feel I can help and bless others when I do this.

           So, except for orthopedic surgery, everything else, I delegate or hire someone better than me to do the needed tasks.  I call my dependable mechanic, Lito, to fix my car if it suddenly conks out.  I call the PLDT technician if the dial tone of our landline suddenly disappears (ghost dial tone? I have heard about ghost ships, but ghost dial tone?)

           So what’s my point?

           I think every person, should do what he or she enjoys doing, should be good at it to truly enjoy it, make it his or her career and finally, get paid for it.

            Get paid for it? 

            Some of my colleagues in the medical profession probably will crucify me now for even talking about getting paid for my medical services.  This is a very sensitive topic that should be discussed only between the patient and the doctor, right?  I agree. 

            But this is what I like to believe in. We need to find what we love doing and get paid for it. We need to turn our passion into our profession. When you enjoy your work, it isn’t work. It’s play. And that keeps your body running smoothly and healthy. If you can see your job as a sacred mission from God, you wake up in the morning with joy and excitement. Your body gets the message: “I am ready to work so I can bless the world.”

            We give 60% of our waking hours to our jobs.  If we’re unhappy with our jobs, that makes us unhappy 60% of our lives!

            Making your passion your job isn’t only enjoyable. It may be your best bet to provide adequately for you and your family’s needs and earn extra for generosity. Besides, people like me aren’t celibate priests or some religious missionaries living in the boondocks (I have great respect for them). I have a family to feed, with 3 small children depending on me financially for at least the next 20 years.

            Every person should be given the chance to do what he or she likes and get paid for it.


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