Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joining Medical Missions and Relief Operations is a Mistake

         Today, we are again witnessing another tragedy befalling our beloved country.  We are once again being   wreaked havoc by the great monsoon rains that left some of our fellow Filipinos trapped in their homes due to floods, their prized possessions washed away.  Worse, some of them lost their lives. Recent reports say the amount of rainfall is greater than the storm “Ondoy” 3 years ago. I saw some fellow human beings in TV and in social networking sites desperately hanging to their dear lives, cold, wet and hungry.  I feel lucky I am in the comfort of my home with the family, dealing with minor leaks in our attic and windows. 

         Amidst all of these, there are brave men and women who despite the threat to their own lives and families perhaps, are reaching out to the victims in their hour of need.  “Trabaho lang”, but what some of them are doing is over and beyond their call of duty. Most of them we will never know the name. They will forever have my utmost respect as outstanding public servants.  I salute you, Sir, Ma’am!

         Now, relief operations and medical missions are being organized and volunteers are being asked to help.  But some say helping poor people will only heighten their dole-out mentality. So, is it worth joining these things?

       Joining medical missions and relief operations is a mistake.  It will come with a price.  You will gain an experience of a lifetime. You will realize that we need to do some things because it has to be done. 

      Joining medical missions and relief operations is a mistake. You will realize that you can’t take all that you have with you when you die. If you are blessed, be a blessing to others. 

       Joining medical missions and relief operations is a mistake. You will realize that there are problems that need solutions. And instead of complaining about the problem, you will realize you need to find a solution. Being  part of the solution is better than being part of the problem.

       As you can see, joining medical missions and relief operations is a BIG mistake.  But, probably, it is the most BEAUTIFUL mistake you can ever make in your life.

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