Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome New year With Hope, not with Injuries!

         Happy New Year to everyone! No long blog post for today.  Just a quick greeting and reminder to everyone to welcome the coming new year with hope, not with injuries from playing with firecrackers!

          I know the Department of Health has been educating the public about the risks and hazards of playing with firecrackers, but the latest news as of this writing is that at least 200 have already been injured from playing with these firecrackers. Since orthopedic injury or disease prevention has also been my advocate, I might as well join them in trying to scare you. hehe

     The following are some pictures or the orthopedic instruments we use in the process of treating firecracker injuries

       The figure above is a bone saw. You know what a bone saw is? It is used to saw a bone.   (Sometimes, I get mesmerized by my own intelligence).   It's my favorite instrument.(joke)

       This is a Gigli saw.  It is also used to cut bones. The saw is composed of a wire blade and two handles.  Easier to use and more soft tissue-friendly than the first picture above.

       This is a drill, the same kind we use for house construction (I'm not kidding!). This is used to drill the pins or wires through the bone.

         As you can see, I'm trying to gross you out, and I'm having fun!

This is a mallet. It is used to pound on the chisel or osteotome to cut the bone smoothly.

     The above picture is an antenna-like structure called external fixator. It is usually used in wrist and forearm injuries to connect together broken bones.

      And now to scare the daylights out of you, my non-medical, non-ortho friends, the following is a picture of a firecracker injury...

photo courtesy of Dr Edsel Arandia
And another one....

Photo courtesy of Dr. Harem Deiparine

       Seriously, firecracker injuries are senseless injuries that are highly preventable and will have  great impact on your future.  You will definitely regret playing with one for the rest of your life.

Happy New Year and stay safe everyone!

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